Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You Organized for Site Creation?

One of the most common questions I get from new subscribers to the "Work from No Home system" is about the site creation process. People are not quite sure how to go about putting their site together in a streamlined process.

I have added the 30 days action plan in the system to help with this and have included a number of walkthroughs, but the process is still likely to vary quite a bit for each person, depending on the type of site you are building, what your strengths are and whether you are outsourcing.

So, to help further, here are some tips to ensure you are organized as well as possible before you start creating your first sites.

- Have a Checklist

Create a clear checklist and then follow it step by step as you create your sites. You should start with one site only, following the strategies in the Work From No Home system step by step.

Take notes as you do this and then tweak them into your own process. You may change some of it - that's okay. It should work for you.

- Keep Track of Your Time/Expenses

Write down every hour you spend working on the site and the expenses you incur. You'll want to know what

Monday, September 17, 2012

Contents at a Glance

The Work from No Home System can be considered a complete Online Marketing Course that consists of video tutorials and a PDF guide. It was created by the world famous internet marketer Peng Joon with the assistance of John Chow. All the content included in the program is based on the experiences of Peng Joon, which started from zero and has made a fortune from top-selling Clickbank products (you can find out more about him in the “About the Author” page). The program is also supported by one of the top bloggers of the world – John Chow, which makes around 40,000$ each month from his blog.

The results of the Work from No Home System have been proven and there are plenty of people who have gained the benefits of it. The available features of the program play an important role behind its success.  They will give you a good knowledge about making a blog and earning money from it. Therefore, the “Work from No Home System” can be considered an A to Z guide of internet marketing. First of all you will have to select a niche that suits with your hobbies and that also has potential. The program will assist you with that and you will get the opportunity to select the best ideal niche that suits the content of your blog. Different tools and strategies have to be implemented when selecting a good niche because it is a key point to attract visitors towards the website.  The system will let you know about the things you need to have a jumpstart. They teach all the things from basics, so you will not have to worry about anything even if you are an amateur towards internet marketing.
After creating the blog, the next challenge you will face is to optimize it for search engines. Google is in the process of banning poor websites, so SEO is not as easy as it used to be. The Work from No Home System will let you know about the effective ways of optimizing your website for search engines. All the methods are legal and approved by Google, so you will get the opportunity to optimize your website with no risk. Backlinks play an important role behind SEO. The Work from No Home System will tell you the directories that you should post your articles, legitimate ways of

Thursday, September 6, 2012

3 Tips for Outsourcing Content Writing

So you've build your first websites and things are starting to get better and better. Your efforts are finally paying off and you are making more and more money. But this also means more work and less time to have fun and spend those money. So you now reached the point where it's time to start outsourcing! You are tired of spending hours a week writing, tired of finding errors in your own work and tired of wondering if it's good enough for the increasingly picky Google algorithms.

The problem here of course is that you need to find good people to write for you, ensure they do good work and then streamline the process so you do as little work as possible. Here are three tips to help you do just that

1. Start with an All-in-One Shop

The first thing I recommend is that you start with a content shop like Text Broker, iWriter or MediaPiston. These sites are good because they allow you to get content written and edited in one place with quality guarantees (just turn it down if it stinks) and plenty of writers to choose from. If you start here, you can get a hang of the process and start building a list of the things you DON'T like before you pay someone more money to write in bulk. Just avoid

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions about the "Work From No Home" System

Q: What exactly is the "Work From No Home" Program?

A: In just a few words, it is a complex Internet Marketing course that comes with a PDF book, a few video tutorials, studies, testimonials as well with a "30 Days Action Plan" for you to get started right away. There are many people buying a certain course and then not even applying what they learned, so this Action Plan is meant to give you an extra push in order to get things done! It is an "A to Z" Online Marketing Course that will teach you all the steps from building a website to monetizing it. 

It will teach you how to choose your niche, how to choose specific keywords, how to use the Google+ button in your advantage, how to make a product or how to promote one as an affiliate, how to do SEO in 2012 (Search Engine Optimization) and how to rank your site high in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), how to get quality backlinks to your site and so much more! All the information is updated accordingly to the latest updates of Google (Panda and Penguin).

Q: Is this program only for Web Developers?

A: The answer is definitely NOT! The course is made for everyone to understand, starting with total beginners to advanced internet marketers. It is written in an easy to understand language and it doesn't get very technical. You also won't need a powerful computer or any other hardware or the author says in a very cute Asian accent: "you can make money with just a laptop and an Internet connection".

Q: Where can I get "The Work From No Home System" from?

A: You can buy the entire package (course, videos, studies, plan etc) directly from the Official Website. Just click here and then scroll down the page until you find the "Add to Cart" button.

Q: Who made this system?

A: The course is written by Peng Joon. We will write a separate article about him soon, but until then you should know that he is one of the top vendors on Clickbank in the last few years. He made hundreds of thousands  of dollars from his own products, as well as from helping other launch their products and also from being an affiliate. In the presentation video found on the Official Website we can see him traveling around the United States while making lots of money from a brand new Clickbank account!

Q: How much does "Work From NoHome" costs?

A: The entire package has a price of just 37$!

Q: Can I get a discount?

A: You have to be incredible to ask for a bigger discount than this! The total value of the package is much bigger, but the author is offering it for just 37$. This is probably a limited offer and the price will go up soon! 

So hurry up and click here to get your copy of "The Work From No Home System" while it's still available at this price! 

Q: Where can I find a free download of Work from No Home PDF? (or maybe a link to Rapidshare, Filesonic, Megaupload, torrent or similar)

A: There is no such thing as a free download of the Work from No Home program and you will never find one! Peng Joon had invested a lot of

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Obstacles to Quick Site Creation

The strategy of many online marketers is to build lots of small, micro-niche websites that are usually focusing on a single product. This strategy can be very good and can bring you consistent revenues, but it also needs constant work and dedication. Even though each website will bring you a small revenue (let's say 50$ per month) think of how much you can earn with 100 websites like this! The philosphy of the "Work From No Home System" is that "when it comes to Affiliate Marketing there are no million dollar ideas...there are just 100$ ideas that can be replicated fast"

So, you're psyched to get started and create your first launch leverage sites? Awesome, but before you spend that first $20 on a domain name, spend a few minutes reading these five obstacles that might pop up as you create your sites and what you can do to ensure it doesn't happen to you:

Too Many Sites - One at a time. It's my mantra and it's vital if you want to be successful with your sites. Start with one. Then do another one. Then do another. Don't jump to three or four sites at a time until you've mastered the process. The first few weeks WILL take a while to get under your belt. Be ready for it.

2.    Ignoring the Numbers - If a product doesn't have the kind of buzz today that it did three or four weeks ago, know when to cut the cord. Every now and then something peters out. This happens a lot in technology and gaming where something looks incredibly cool but ends up being poorly executed. If you have 10 sites in development and the product looks like a bust, know when to cut the cord.

3.    Overextending Yourself - You're one person. So, keep your work load realistic. Don't expect to build five sites a week yourself without anyone helping. If you're not profiting yet, focus on

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What are the Google Panda and Google Penguin?

A panda and a penguin may be some very cute animals, but they have a totally different meaning when you add the word “Google” in the equation. They are both code names given to the latest updates of the Google’s Search Algorithm. Even though the updates were made to improve the Google results and the overall search experience for users, they created a lot of buzz in the world of SEO and Internet Marketing.

Lots of websites were hit hard by the Google Panda and Google Penguin and lost a huge amount of traffic over night. And a decrease in traffic means also a decrease in revenue, or even worse – a revenue of 0$! Some webmasters were in serious troubles and lost their businesses in a matter of seconds. This is definitely not a pleasant experience, especially that most of them were relying on this income to support their families. But after all, none of the websites were hit for no good reason and the Google updates were fair. Now let’s look a little closer at each of the 2 updates, at what they are targeting and then we’ll see some solutions to overcome them!

The Google Panda Update

The main thing targeted by this update is the content! Google Panda simply hates thin content, copied articles, spun articles and content that is simply not relevant to people.  Sites that were hit by this update had low quality articles that were not bringing any valuable information to the readers. They also had short articles stuffed with keywords, a high bounce rate and most of them were content farms. This is why the update had the initial name of “the Farmer update”. It was first released in February 2011 and only in the United States. The Panda 2.0 was released

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About the Author -- Peng Joon

Wondering who is the man behind the “Work From No Home” system? Well his name is Peng Joon, and as he describes himself on his Twitter profile, he is a: “Dreamer, Infopreneur, Trainer, Author, Gamer, Geek, CrossFit, Diver, Gambler, Tequila Shots and Nerd in Disguise.” He lives in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where he owns an Internet Marketing company called “Smobble”.

He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the business and he started even younger. As all the other boys of his age, he was crazy about gaming and especially about RPG games like World of Warcraft or Diablo. Even though he started as a successful student, he got so caught up in the “world of orcs, elves and mythical dragons” that he got the worst grades ever. He was kicked out of the university and now he also had to pay for it (that was the condition if he didn’t got good grades). So he was forced to find himself a good job in order to pay the debts. But how to find one since he was only a student with bad grades and no professional experience?
And this is how he discovered the world of Internet Marketing. He started learning and learning, gathering more and more knowledge but still he didn’t made a single dollar. He built lots of websites, tried different niches and still had no results. Learning from his mistakes, tweaking and re-tweaking he finally made his first sale on Clickbank. Now he only had to repeat the same process over and over again. And shortly he began making thousands of dollars each month and throughout the past few years he became one of the “Top Vendors on Clickbank”. He was the man behind many top-selling products from different niches, including